DJ Yuling Chen

YULING fell in love with Argentine Tango in 2006. Her love for the dance and the music has taken her traveling around the world. She plays the right tandas and cortinas at the right moment to keep the energy high and dancers inspired all night long, to create a special atmosphere comprised of all the layers of emotions that tango can evoke – energizing the floor with the power, playfulness, passion, romance, and deep melancholy that exists in the music.

She regularly DJs in the SF Bay Area, and guest DJing in various cities and countries in Europe, Asia and America. Festivals and Marathons she's DJing are: Nora’s Tango Week, New Orleans Tango Festival, Lisbon Tango Festival,  Three Hundred Neapolis Tango Marathon, Istanbul Tango Ritual Festival, Winter Tango Napoli, Taiwan Tango Marathon, SF Bay Area Tango Festival, etc.