Leading for Intermediate & Advanced Followers
a 3-Class Series

Leading for Followers.jpg

Another way to excel in your tango is to learn the “other side.” If you're interested in learning to lead or improving your lead, Rod and Jenny are offering a series of leading instruction for intermediate and advanced followers. They've taught this series in Chicago and recently, in other communities they've traveled to, and it's becoming a big hit.

This series differs from others because you'll get feedback from experienced followers as you learn to lead. Rod and Jenny will instruct on the embrace and Basic leads (walking, parallel/cross system, cross, ochos, ocho cortado, giro, etc.).

The goal is to work as a group and be able to lead comfortably and confidently at a practica or milonga. 

The series is not included in the Full Pass.
Early Bird $65
Regular $70
Individual Class $30