Hugo Patyn & celina rotundo

Celina and Hugo are Argentine tango dancers, masters and choreographers who dazzle the world, both on stage and in every class or workshop they teach. They have danced in diverse places of the world, presenting challenging, intense and sensual choreographies with history. As instructors, they have initiated and inspired hundreds of students around the world

Both have had extensive artistic training from an early age in ballet, Argentine folklore, music, flamenco and figure skating. When tango finally entered their lives, they had the influence of great mentors such as Osvaldo Zotto, Gloria & Eduardo Arquimbau, Nito & Elba and Pedro Monteleones among others.

Together they run their school in Argentina, in which they teach social and stage tango to children and adults as well as differently-abled people. They also give monthly body training seminars and host a well attended milonga.